Off-Grid Utility Inc.

Off-grid utility Inc specializes in providing self-contained power generation and storage in a simple to setup container. Simply choose where you need power, and we’ll do the rest. Decide to move? No problem, our self-contained solution can be quickly packed up and loaded onto a flatbed truck and moved to your new location.

  • Provides a complete off grid solution combining solar and wind generation to suit your every need. Included customizable power storage allowing our all-in-one solution to be scaled up or down based on your needs. The backup propane generator ensures that even in the worst conditions power will always be available. All in a self-contained unit delivered to your location.You’ll be generating power in no time!
  • Our standard 20ft utility container provides 1.5KW of solar generation backed by 800w of wind generation. Included 26kWh of energy storage is scalable to meet your needs. All this backed by an auto starting 15kWh Ecogen propane generator ensuring that no matter the conditions outside your batteries will never run dry. Our utility container is well insulated to ensure your equipment is protected from extreme heat or cold, making it suitable for use in any environment. Our base package includes 3000w invertor which can be scaled up to meet your needs. Also included is separate solar lighting outside of the container to light up your yard.
  • Need somewhere to store your toys? Upgrade to our 40ft utility container which provides 160ft² of dry storage in addition to power generation and storage.
  • Optional water works allow easy hook up to an existing water source for added comfort during your build.